Group Companies

The domestic plant and the overseas mass production plant combine to create
a supply system to serve markets worldwide.

On October 1, 2013, Furukawa-Sky Aluminum Corp. and Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, Ltd. merged to form UACJ Corporation, the World’s No. 3 comprehensive aluminum manufacturer. The UACJ Group’s wide-ranging fields of operations include sheet metal, casting & forging, extrusions, foils, processed goods, and copper tubes.
The major global aluminum group that originated in Japan has now completed its supply system to serve different market areas around the world.

Group Companies
Higashi Nihon Tanzou Co., Ltd.
Higashi Nihon Tanzou Co., Ltd.
Higashi Nihon Tanzou Co., Ltd. is a 100 percent owned subsidiary of UACJ Foundry & Forging Corporation.
It specializes in aluminum alloy forging products
and manufactures automotive components, electrical components, etc. Ever since being established by Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. in 1968, it has continued
to improve its cold forging techniques. Having established warm forging techniques in 1991 and hot forging techniques in 1999, it now has a production system for manufacturing products over a complete range of temperatures.
Address : 4-5-11 Joto, Oyama-shi, Tochigi 23-0807
TEL: 81-285-25-5544
President : Ichiji Sato
Capital : 50 million yen
Number of employees : 70 (approx.)
Established : September 1968
Site area : 5,900 sq.m. (approx.)
Facilities area : 2,100 sq.m. (approx.)
Main products : Various types of cold-, warm- and hot-forged products, including car air conditioners and compressors,
and parts for automobiles and two-wheeled vehicles
Main Equipment
  • 800-metric ton press forging machine
  • 600-metric ton press forging machine
  • 300-metric ton press forging machine
  • Heat treatment machines (5)
  • NC lathes (3)
  • 3D measuring machine
UACJ Foundry & Forging (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd.
UACJ Foundry & Forging (Vietnam)
Following the trend in recent years toward stricter emission regulations and improved car fuel efficiency, the demand for turbochargers has been increasing. UACJ Foundry & Forging (Vietnam) is the world’s top mass producer and supplier of compressor wheels, the high-precision cast aluminum products that are a major component of turbochargers.
Address : Road No.16 Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
TEL. 84-8-377-00560
President : Hiroshi Akimoto
Capital : 6,000,000 USD
Number of employees : 630 (approx.)
Established : January 2007
Site area : 27,000 sq.m.
Facilities area : 11,000 sq.m.
Main Equipment
  • Molding lines (4)
  • Plaster drying furnaces (8)
  • Casting machines (8)
  • Heat treatment furnaces (set of 3 x 2)